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    This module integrates the administration of all installed modules of the system and functions of parametrization of the system, module integration, monitoring of system in database and users, security, system users, user privileges, messages internal (unused internal mail) Internet and bandwidth) and network definitions.


    Through this module it is administered banking operations of the institution, independently and global, just like the box system, It is a unique system for all institution, the system knows at the moment that the user registers to administrative unit belongs and only It controls what’s in that unit. This module although it can be installed independent, it is a “wildcard” for the whole system since it depends on that modules are installed will be the movements registered in this in the corresponding accounts. It also has all the necessary for bank reconciliation either with capture of the account statement or the importing a file with the account status. It also has a powerful concept of management indicators, streamlines and delimits responsibilities of responsible people involved in the process. The module controls and manages the budget directly affecting the accounting part, the budget is controlled, considering its link with the accounting module and the incorporation of current regulations issued by the Secretary or Ministry according to the country that operate, as well as the process that involves preparation and authorization both physical and electronics. It is clearly aligned through the parametrization of the system with the requirements and stipulations of the regulatory entity, as well as the laws of the public administration. For this reason, definitions are controlled of the budgetary keys in form ordered and controlled in the units responsible, responsible personnel, programs, actions or activities, priorities, objects of expenditure, objectives, goals, etc. Aligned to the national plan of developing. It also has a set of graphs and queries, with which the area executive rests to lead instead of control. If the information exceeded red, if it arrived or exceeding the defined parameters, yellow if are at the risk limits and green if everything is in the established parameters, being able to visualize and consult the cascading information to the last Level of detail.


    This module is also a “wildcard” and is very much related to the budget system, however it can be installed independently and is in charge of managing the requests for funds for the administrative unit in question up to the allocation of budget items, passing Throughout the process from the delivery of the check, receipt of documents, accounting affectations, affectations of budgets, affectations of banks and the reimbursement of funds. likewise this module has the one-stop system, which avoids repetitive captures.


    Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Brazil, Bolivia, Ecuador, El Salvador, Paraguay, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Republic Dominican.


    With this module you have a better relationship with all the operative areas of a purchasing process and maximize your information resources, it is developed specifically for the government procurement management since it handles the requirements and interactions of external government agencies such as compranet , hacienda, etc., internal areas such as financial resources or comptroller, administrative units, warehouses, etc. And own processes from the purchase requirements to the delivery of the good or service, going through the consolidation of orders, generation of bases, bidding process, the needs of decentralization and centralization of almost all public administration.


    This module integrates to the structure the collection either through a window or through integration in the website of the government institution. In this way, collection is automated with its respective budgetary and accounting effects, respecting the government accounting rules and current regulations.


    This module is also exploitative as well as the general auditing module, with the same components of exploiting all that information in the other modules, and emits the information with graphs, cross references, analysis cubes, reports and queries, only that with an executive focus. Also, how much with the BSG concept of “executive semaphor”, which consists in the fact that a traffic light is displayed when the system is started, which, based on management parameters, causes the red light to turn on.


    With this module Streamline the process with all operational areas in a real vehicle management. The module is developed specifically for the administration of vehicles and everything that these relate as drivers, tenures, plates, accidents, etc., etc. It streamlines the procedures of everything related to vehicles and drivers, also controls both external and internal workshops and tender, has a tire control, control of services etc. tc. Similarly, there is a sub module that manages the pool of vehicles for assignment with or without a driver. It provides a mechanism to have detailed control of the vehicles by safeguarding all the operating units.


    In this system you will find everything you need to manage the goods and consumables, acquired and already entered the different warehouses, it will allow you to distribute said goods or consumables in the different administrative units based on the operation requirements. Provides the necessary information of your location either by warehouse, code, lot, date of entry etc. etc.


    This module controls and manages all the fixed assets of the public administration in question, it is fully parameterized in such a way that the system adjusts to the type of administration it has determined for fixed assets. It is integrated with rfid and barcode technologies for the inventory raising and control of the same.


    This module is developed looking for the management of human resources, offering information and control strategically from the plantation to the operation of said resources. As the system is governed by the laws of public administration Friendly support to the registration and active consultation of staff, generating templates, profiles, locations, credentials (with bar code), documents, contracts, etc., etc., according to the standards defined in the parametrization of this module. Account equally friendly with a whole system that allows the location of categories, occupied and vacant places, job definition, definition of functions, rotation, work areas. It also issues all the necessary statistics to be able to make a better administration of the personnel of the public administration.


    This module integrates the structure of budget programming, revenue and expenses of the Federation, from the project to the modifications, administration and control thereof. Schedule both budgets with, manage and control the objectives and annual goals giving a detailed follow-up to these. It also has a powerful concept of management indicators, streamlines and delineates responsibilities of the people involved in the process. The module controls and manages the budget directly affecting the accounting part, the budget is controlled, considering its link with the accounting module and the incorporation of the current regulations issued by the responsible entities in each country, as well as the process involved in the preparation and physical and electronic authorization of the Investment Release Trades.


    With the module administers the training from the complete institution to the level of training by positions or collaborators, based on labor trends. Likewise, it is governed by the guidelines of the career professionalization law, giving indicators of performance and productivity, focused on defining the objectives of the institution specified by semester, per year or by X years depending on the needs. You can also administer all training institutions, whether internal or external, having a perfect administration of training institutions, courses and participants.


    This module contains a powerful reporter in three levels, basic, medium and advanced, the basic is focused on end users without great experience that they need to do simple and temporary reports, the medium is for more users experienced as analysts of data that require more reports complexes and the advanced one is for practically programmers or users with extensive experience in the design and development of reports. In any case, the system is trained to add said reports on the menus they choose.


    With this module, travel expenses are managed with their respective controls for the issuance of requests for accommodation, food and transportation control. It allows making cuts for the return of the travel expenses and budget and accounting integration.


    With this module, everything related to the income through the collection is controlled, that is to say, it has the mechanization of the collection of per box, whether in documents, credit card, debit card or cash, having everything necessary with the taxpayers This automatic system affects both accounting, such as income budget items such as banks, etc. etc.


    This module is in charge of managing the goods process for final destination, from creating the tender including bases, annexes, etc., etc., to the contract and the payment of said tender. It is totally interrelated with the modules involved such as inventories, warehouses, banks, etc., etc., making the sales process an easy, quick and easy process to carry out and control.


    This module concentrates everything related to the income of employees, such as: retroactive, health system, vacations, etc., etc., likewise administers and controls absences such as: vacations, licenses with or without pay, disability, etc., etc. It is linked to the budget system, affecting structures and budgetary burdens. Linked also with external and internal modules such as banks, insurers, etc., etc. Controls insurance for medical expenses and benefits, withdrawals, groups of employees, extraordinary and confidential payrolls, etc., etc. For some countries the generation of electronic receipts signature and stamp of the same applies.


    This module is also one of the most important in the system since it is in charge of exploiting all the information that in the other modules it was indicated that it recorded the detail for an audit, and it emits the information with graphs, cross references, analysis cubes, reports and consultations, with an audit approach making the internal and external audit process easier, faster and friendlier.

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